Electric Vehicle Charging FAQs

What is the difference between AC and DC charging?

The AC charger provides AC power, which is then converted to DC power by the charger built into the EV (before it reaches the battery). AC chargers are commonly used in slow charging applications such as home charging.

The DC charger converts AC power from the grid into DC power, which is more efficient and supplies the battery directly. Thus, the charging time is much shorter. DC systems are commonly used in commercial/public charging applications where shorter residence times are required.

Available Electric Charging Stations

OtoPods currently has 2 types of electric charging stations, namely AC EV Station and DC EV Station. The AC EV Station has 7Kw of power and the DC EV Station has 25Kw of power (Fast Charging).

Which EV charger should you choose?

This depends on your situation. The Fast DC charger is ideal for cases where you need to recharge your EV quickly, such as at a charging station or a rest stop.

AC chargers are suitable for places where you stay longer, such as work, shopping malls, cinemas, and at home

How to Charge at the OtoPods EV Station

Here’s how to charge the OtoPods:

  1. Open the OtoPods application, select the Maps menu
  2. Make sure the charging station you want to visit is available
  3. Make sure the connector you want to use is available on the charging station
  4. Take the connector cable from the charging station
  5. Select the connector in the OtoPods application according to the cable you selected earlier
  6. To start it, you click the Start Charging button
  7. You can monitor charging in the OtoPods app
  8. Click the End Charging button to finish charging
  9. The car stops getting power and your electric car successfully charges from the OtoPods app
  10. Tidy up the connector cable that you have used before. You and your electric car can resume activities again.

What types of cars can use OtoPods?

OtoPods are intended for all types of electric cars, from Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MG, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, and Wuling.

When will OtoPods come to my area?

Contact us if there is no SPKLU available in your city via Call Center +62896-8200-8200 or you can send an email at [email protected]